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What is the version of DirectX that is installed by default with Windows XP SP3? Google did not yield convincing results on this.

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I've found a useful page in MSDN that confirms the version of DirectX included with each Windows OS and Service Pack release. It seems that the last change for XP was in SP2 - which was indeed DirectX 9.0c, as Raghu states.

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i guess it is 9.0c.

You can check the same by running the command dxdiag

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Thanks. Are there any release notes I could use to back the 9.0c stand? I don't have a clean XP SP3 box so I couldn't use dxdiag. –  Agnel Kurian Jan 13 '09 at 6:25
DX9.0c is included starting with XP SP2. On earlier OSes it can be installed manually. DX10 is included starting with Vista (and DX10.1 with Vista SP1). –  NeARAZ Jan 13 '09 at 7:42
Hi Vulcan, i checked but couldn't find any. But it is 9.0c for sure. –  Raghu Jan 13 '09 at 8:23

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