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i have created a new action called executeDetagli() in backend/modules/ordini/actions/actions.class.php.

When I try to go to "backend_dev.php/ordini/detagli" It gives me this error:

404 | Not Found | sfError404Exception Action "ordini/show" does not exist. stack trace

* at ()
  in SF_ROOT_DIR/lib/vendor/symfony/lib/controller/sfController.class.php

line 192 ... 189. $this->dispatcher->notify(new sfEvent($this, 'application.log', array(sprintf('Action "%s/%s" does not exist', $moduleName, $actionName)))); 190. } 191.

         192.       throw new sfError404Exception(sprintf('Action

"%s/%s" does not exist.', $moduleName, $actionName)); 193. } 194.

         195.     // create an instance of the action
* at sfController->forward('ordini',

'show') in SF_ROOT_DIR/lib/vendor/symfony/lib/controller/sfFrontWebController.class.php line 48 ... 45. } 46.

          47.       // make the first request
          48.       $this->forward($moduleName,

$actionName); 49. } 50. catch (sfException $e) 51. { * at sfFrontWebController->dispatch() in SF_ROOT_DIR/lib/vendor/symfony/lib/util/sfContext.class.php line 170 ... 167. */ 168. public function dispatch() 169. { 170. $this->getController()->dispatch(); 171. } 172.

         173.   /**
* at sfContext->dispatch()
  in SF_ROOT_DIR/web/backend_dev.php line

13 ... 10. require_once(dirname(FILE).'/../config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php'); 11.

          12. $configuration = ProjectConfiguration::getApplicationConfiguration('backend',

'dev', true); 13. sfContext::createInstance($configuration)->dispatch(); 14.

I have this in routing.yml:

  class: sfPropelRouteCollection
    model:                ShopOrder
    module:               ordini
    prefix_path:          /ordini
    column:               orders_id
    with_wildcard_routes: true

  url:   /:module/:action/*

Any idea?

sf 1.4/propel


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Try :

  • symfony cc
  • ensure that the view .../modules/ordini/templates/detagliSuccess.php exists

Answer to your comment : in your routing.yml, try to add a routing rule like the following one, just before the final rule, to match the module/action pattern without the trailing slash (since I guess that the ordini/detagli action won't match the first rule) :

  url:   /:module/:action

As well, there are plenty of solutions which you can get with a few Googling :




Hope it helps.

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I do that, but it doesn't works. –  ziiweb Dec 7 '10 at 19:51
I do that, but it doesn't works. I have realized that it works perfect when i add "/" at the end of the url, but why??? I don't have any problem to go to the New action just using "backend_dev.php/ordini/new". –  ziiweb Dec 7 '10 at 19:52
=> Updated my answer. –  Frosty Z Dec 7 '10 at 20:45
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