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Here is an example data set:

data <- data.frame (author = c('bob', 'john', 'james'), 
                    year = c(2000, 1942, 1765), 
                    title = c('test title one two three', 
                              'another test title four five', 
                              'third example title'))

And I would like to automate the process of making bibtex references, e.g. with a function like this:

bibtexify <- function (author, year, title) {
      acronym <- convert.to.acronym(title)
      paste(author, year, acronym, sep='')

so that I get the following result:

with(data, bibtexify(author, year, title))
[1] 'bob2000tto'
[2] 'john1942att'
[3] 'james1765tet'

Is it possible to do this in R?


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you want abbreviate

R> abbreviate('test title one two three')
test title one two three 
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Here is one possibility you could build from:

title <- c('test title one two three',  
                              'another test title four five',  
                              'third example title')
sapply( strapply(title, "([a-zA-Z])[a-zA-Z]*"), function(x) paste(x[1:3], collapse=''))

This assumes that there are at least 3 words in each title, will need to be fixed if that is not the case.

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very nice. Thanks for showing me that trick! –  David Dec 7 '10 at 17:41

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