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I am trying to run a feature where a search occurs. I added the necessary lines that the ThinkingSphinx documentation recommends

require 'cucumber/thinking_sphinx/external_world'

And also disabled using transactions and use DatabaseCleaners truncation instead. I have my feature setup so after I add a user, I update the index for Sphinx, and then I do a search.

Scenario: Add a client to a project
    Given I have a project named "ProjectXYZ"
    And I have a client named "Tom Client" with an email address "tom@email.com"
    And the Sphinx indexes are updated
    And if I search for "Tom" which is a "Client", I have 1 result

The search always returns 0 results, even though the user is there. If I check the count for User.find_by_first_name("Tom").count.should eq(1) it succeeds.

Here are my steps:

Updating Index

Given 'the Sphinx indexes are updated' do
    # Update all indexes
    sleep(1.0) # Wait for Sphinx to catch up

Searching and checking results

Given /^if I search for "([^"]*)" which is a "([^"]*)", I have (\d+) results?$/ do |query,model,count|
    Rails.const_get(model).search_count(query).should == count.to_i

I am using Rails 3.0.3, Cucumber 0.9.4, and Cucumber-Rails 0.3.2

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Nothing seems out of place thus far... in case you're not already, I would recommend using my blog post instead of the official docs as a reference (the latter need updating).

Also: do you have the test/cucumber environment using a different port for Sphinx to your development setup? Although if Sphinx isn't running in dev, then that shouldn't get in the way.

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Turns out that Sphinx was searching the development database and not the test database. Thanks for the help, this was driving me crazy. –  Beerrepository Dec 9 '10 at 15:08
Thanks pat for this answer. Maybe this should be better documented because it seems like a normal problem to have :) –  fuzzyalej Nov 2 '11 at 11:20
Can you share how you fixed it? –  Edmund Mar 5 at 21:48

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