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Im trying to use the gem Devise for a admin authentication. Ive used it before when I only wanted a user login but now I would like to have just a admin login. I followed the railscast for it and instead of naming the model User I gave it the name Admin. Everything worked fine until I tried to login then I got this error message:

uninitialized constant Devise::Encryptors::Bcrypt

I cant seem to find the problem. I have compared the code in the project with the other one I did and there is no difference. Is the problem due to the fact that I´m using Admin the wrong way?! Should I not use it as you would with a user?! Thankful for all help.


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That encryption method appears to have been removed from Devise.


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Thanks. Yes I realized that later on a while ago. – Tim Jan 13 '11 at 9:07

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