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Currently my line graph displays the properly formatted timestamp from the JSON data set along the x-axis.


xaxis: { mode:"time", timeformat: "%y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S%p"}

The output is something like:

2010/12/6 05:32:32pm

I also have my data points hoverable.

When I hover over the data points it displays

(1291656755000, 1368ms)

Where 1291656755000 is the original time stamp in milliseconds.

I'd like it where 1291656755000 is displayed as 2010/12/6 05:32:32pm like it is in the x-axis when I hover over the data point.

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In the code where you generate the tooltip, call the flot formatDate function before passing the value to the tooltip function:

$.plot.formatDate = function(d, fmt, monthNames)

Where d is the date, fmt is your format string, and monthNames is optional.

You would call it like this:

var formattedDateString = $.plot.formatDate(d, "%y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S%p");

If this doesn't make sense, post your tooltip code.

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