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I want to create a kind of 4 x 3 matrix with textboxes and checkboxes. Whether the element is checkbox or textbox depends upon the values in database.I want it to be dynamic. What is the best way to start?

// something like this but I need to fill in each elements of the matrix...
  private void CreateSpecificControl(string requestedType)
                if (requestedType == "CheckBox")

                    CheckBox control1 = new CheckBox();

                    control1.Click += new EventHandler(chk_CheckedChanged);

                   //TableLayout panel
                    layout.ColumnStyles.Add(new ColumnStyle(SizeType.Percent, 25));

                    Label control1 = new Label();

                    control1.Text = "Not a checkbox";
                    layout.ColumnStyles.Add(new ColumnStyle(SizeType.Percent, 25));


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Can you please update your question with some more details, like what programming language / environment you are talking about and maybe a bit of context about the particular problem. Thanks. –  Wayne Koorts Jan 13 '09 at 4:47
It's in winform and I was using the TableLayoutPanel with growstyle as addrows. But that way I could not pick and choose each element. All the elements will have to be either textbox or checkbox. –  First Step Jan 13 '09 at 4:52

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Use a usercontrol. See this tutorial.

At run time you can change the contents of the User control. There's a Controls collection in each user control that you can add or remove elements from. For example if you want to add check boxes just do somethign like this:

myUserControl.Controls.Add(new CheckBox());

Similarly elements can be removed from this collection, thus achieving a dynamic behaviour.

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What does a user control achieve? –  benPearce Jan 13 '09 at 5:04

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