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I want to fill a listbox/combobox with values like "CPU 1", "CPU 2", etc.

The number of items will be equal to Environment.ProcessorCount.

I know the approach with user controls and C# programming, but i want this all in XAML. would you please show me some directions or provide some samples ?

Thx in Adv

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You will have to some some form of code behind/VM to do this. You can't do all in xaml.

I would:

  1. Create a view model class
  2. Create a property on that class which is some form of IEnumerable<string>. Using an ObservableCollection<string> here might be overkill given that people don't tend to have the number of processors change at all.
  3. When the view model instance is instantiated, generate your strings (ie. for(var i = 0; i < Environment.ProcessorCount; ++i) { CpuList.Add(string.Format("CPU {0}", i + 1)); }
  4. Bind your XAML to this view model property <ListBox ItemsSource="{Binding CpuList}" /> after setting the DataSource for the list or parent window to the view model instance: someWindow.DataContext = new ViewModelClass();


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