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I have a simple shell script that builds my Roxygen documents, builds the package, checks, then installs the newly built package on my machine. It's quite simple:

#! /bin/sh
R CMD roxygen -d myPackage 
R CMD build myPackage/
R CMD check myPackage_0.01.tar.gz
R CMD INSTALL myPackage myPackage_0.01.tar.gz 

But I'm having issues with Roxygen picking up my .onLoad() function as described previously on StackOverflow. The solution is to use the use.Rd2=TRUE option with roxygenize. Well I want to build from the command prompt so I changed this line

R CMD roxygen -d myPackage 

to the following line which shoves a roxygenize line to R through the stdin:

echo 'require("roxygen"); roxygenize("myPackage", roxygen.dir="myPackage",
   copy.package=FALSE, use.Rd2=TRUE)' | R --no-save < /dev/stdin

This seems to work just dandy. But it feels a little convoluted. Is there an easier and/or more elegant way?

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If it works, what's not to like? –  Dirk Eddelbuettel Dec 7 '10 at 19:49
well I recall once fixing an rJava problem by manually editing the JAVA_HOME environment variable. Although that worked, it seems it was suboptimal. So I thought I would make sure I was not repeating a similar mistake. –  JD Long Dec 7 '10 at 20:40
I use a Makefile that basically executes the same thing. Like Dirk said if it works it works... but if it ain't broke some programmer will usually try to fix it anyway. :p –  Sharpie Dec 7 '10 at 20:41

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I do something similar, but I use a HERE document in the shell script to make it look cleaner.

## Must be run from the parent of the package directory (no options
## to change target of check or tarball!?!)

VERSION=$(awk -F": +" '/^Version/ { print $2 }' ${PACKAGE}/DESCRIPTION)

R --no-restore --slave <<EOR

R CMD build ${PACKAGE}
R CMD check ${PACKAGE}_${VERSION}.tar.gz

The R code is very similar to that in the script run during R CMD roxygen.

The roxygen that is installed on my system (version 0.1; installed from CRAN this week) doesn't seem to support the -s option mentioned above...

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May be the R CMD roxygen -s option will help here. I believe it is effectively the same as setting use.Rd2=TRUE in the roxygenize function.

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I didn't realize that. Thanks! –  JD Long Dec 8 '10 at 17:05

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