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In our big application written with C# we have automated tests. Some of tests are integration tests; they are mostly testing integration points with other systems, they are slower than unit tests and to get them to succeed on a new machine some configuration is needed.
Some are unit tests; they are much faster, do not need any configuration. In related test projects we have two folders in general: UnitTest and IntegrationTest. Hence I have not an option to run them seperately. What I need is, clear seperation between unit and integration tests. I want to be able to run only integration tests or just unit tests.

How can I achive this seperation? What are your experiences on the subject?

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In visual studio go to the Test menu > Windows > Test List editor. All test methods can be selected/deselected in this window. At the top left click the arrow and choose Run checked tests or debug checked tests.

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You can also use the TestCategory attribute (just Category in NUnit). Then run the tests in that category.

something like TestCategory("Unit") or TestCategory("Integration")

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How can you run tests from a particular category from Visual Studio? –  Konstantin Spirin Jun 18 '11 at 1:44

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