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I'm trying to execute an "Integrate" perforce command (see: on a list of files and not on a single file or a specific folder.

Is such a thing possible ?

In other words, is it possible to specify multiple files (and their respective integration paths) in one command ? This would save me the trouble of having to call this command for each file that I'd like to integrate and in the process reduces the number of round-trips on the P4 server.

If not, do you have another command to recommend?


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You could create a branch, and then integrate through the branch. I know that sounds weird, but in Perforce all a branch is is a set of integration mappings stored in the server. You then use -b on p4 integrate to specify the branch.

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So you recommand that I use this command ? : . Am I not forced to specify a directory when creating a branch .. ? (Sorry, Perforce "newbie" here :)) – Hussein Khalil Dec 7 '10 at 21:16
A branch view usually maps directory trees, but it doesn't have to. Your branch spec can have file to file mappings. eg: //depot/foo/bar.txt //depot/baz/quux.txt'. One possibly confusing thing is that when you run p4 integrate` you tell it the names of the destination files, not the names of the source files (it gets those from the branch spec). – Laurence Gonsalves Dec 8 '10 at 1:31

In p4v you can Ctrl+click multiple files, then right-click and choose to Integrate them. I don't think you can do anything fancy as far as integration paths; that is if you are integrating two files in the same source directory it will assume the same target directory. Or, if you are integrating two files dev/dir1/file1 and dev/dir2/file2 you can choose dev2/... as your target directory and you will have dev2/dir1/file1 and dev2/dir2/file2.

Edit to add: If you are looking for a command line solution, you can use Laurence's and edit the branch specification to your heart's content.

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