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I've worked with Visual Studio 2008(visual c) to create a php extension, so after writing the c code and compiling the whole project, A dll file has been generated in the debug folder. I copied this dll file to the php /ext folder ( extensions folder) and I added this line in php.ini

extension=php_talkphp.dll (php_talkphp.dll is the dll name)

then I restart apache server to initialise php extensions. but an error has occured : and this is the error message:

alt text

I know that this is due to the compiler version, but How can I use the Vc6 version in a VS2008?

thank you

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Maybe My question needs some explanation! –  SmootQ Dec 7 '10 at 22:08

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You need to use the extensions built with the same compiler as your PHP install.

In this case - you are using an installation of PHP built with Visual C++ 6, which is an incredibly old compiler. Your extension is built with Visual C++ 9.0, which is much newer.

You can not mix extensions and PHP installs built with different VC compilers.

Possible solutions:

  • Get the TalkPHP extension built with Visual C++ 6, and build your own with VC6. You probably will have a hard time getting this since it's an unsupported, unavailable compiler.


  • Install a version of PHP built with Visual C++ 9.0. This will introduce different problems however:
    1. You will either need to switch to using IIS or use a version of apache built with Visual C++ 9.0. Apache Lounge has them.
    2. You will have to install the Visual C++ 9.0 Runtime if you don't already have it.
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thank you for this reply, but isn't it possible to add a VC6 compiler to a VC++ 9?? –  SmootQ Dec 8 '10 at 10:47
@Simo TAQI - You can not mix PHP binaries with extensions built with a different Visual C++ compiler, because they use different and incompatible implementations of Microsoft's C++ library, so if they were to start passing stuff like containers between each other, there would be problems. –  birryree Dec 8 '10 at 14:04

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