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i have a class songsData in this i am parsing a json object and adding the song objects to an array and later setting this array of objects in a viewcontroller of atabbarviewcontroller. while accessing its showing o objects in tabbarcontroller

how to gt that array in the viewcontroller of an tabbarcontroller.


in songsData.m
    OnAirViewController *oAVC = [[OnAirViewController alloc]init];//the view controller in Tabbarcontroller
    oAVC.songs = [self parsingTheJson:@"http:....."];
    NSLog(@" count..%d",[songs count]);//gives 153

in onAirViewController.. its giving

NSLog(@" count..%d",[songs count]);//gives 0
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Are you sure that the controller that is in your tab bar is the exact same instance of OnAirViewController that you are creating in loadData? Assuming that the tab bar controller is already initialized when loadData is called, you would not create a fresh instance of OnAirViewController but rather assign the array to the existing OnAirViewController instance.

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