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I want to generate this complex WHERE clause in Zend_Db:

FROM 'products' 
    status = 'active' 
        attribute = 'one' 
        attribute = 'two' 

I've tried this:

$select->where('status = ?', $status);
$select->where('attribute = ?', $a1);
$select->orWhere('attribute = ?', $a2);

and that produced:

SELECT `product`.* 
FROM `product` 
    (status = 'active') 
    (attribute = 'one') 
    (attribute = 'two')

I did figure out one method of making this work but I felt it was sort of 'cheating' by using PHP to combine the "OR" clauses first and then combine them using Zend_Db where() clause. PHP code:

$WHERE = array();
foreach($attributes as $a):
    #WHERE[] = "attribute = '" . $a . "'";
$WHERE = implode(' OR ', $WHERE);

$select->where('status = ?', $status);

That produced what I was looking for. But I'm curious if there's an "official" way of getting that complex WHERE statement (which really isn't too complex, just adding some parenthesis) with using the Zend_Db tool, instead of combining it in PHP first.


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This would be the 'official' way to get you the parentheses as specified (see Example #20 in the Zend_Db_Select documentation):

$a1 = 'one';
$a2 = 'two';
$select->where('status = ?', $status);
$select->where("attribute = $a1 OR attribute = $a2");

So, what you are doing does seem reasonable, given that you do not know how many attributes you have ahead of time.

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Yes, your solution, from the ZF reference guide, is basically how I came up with my final example. Perhaps that is the correct way to do it then. It just feels counter-intuitive given Zend_Db_Select (ZDS) is suppose to generate your SQL for you, but we're having to generate a portion of it outside ZDS. Perhaps, this is something that could use an extension so we can keep all the code in Zend_Db_Select. – jmbertucci Dec 8 '10 at 15:06
The Zend_Db_Select link didn't work for me here's an updated link to the docs. – Mark Steudel Oct 2 '15 at 18:21

I use this solution and it seems work as wanted.

$select->where('status = ?', $status);
$select->where('(attribute = ?', $a1);
$select->orWhere('attribute = ?)', $a2);
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