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I don't see any options for doing anything other than an exact match...

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That wouldn't be possible with a merge join. The Merge Join algorithm relies on having two sorted input sets and proceeds as follows.

get first row R1 from input 1
get first row R2 from input 2
while not at the end of either input
        if R1 joins with R2
                return (R1, R2)
                get next row R2 from input 2
        else if R1 < R2
            get next row R1 from input 1
            get next row R2 from input 2

If the input sets were

input 1                     input 2
------                      ------
  1                           7
  2                           8
  3                           9

Then the join input2.value > input1.value would return 9 rows (every permutation). However that wouldn't be possible with the algorithm above which does a single pass through each set.

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