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I have an inhouse API written in C++ (no MFC), implemented on top of win32 API. My app is drawing the whole window for each WM_PAINT call. Is there a way i could find only the dirty/inval region so that i can optimize my draw functions to draw only in the views that intersect with the dirty region.

I tried the following code between BeginPaint - EndPaint statements and failed horribly. whole window was black. If i set Optimize flag to 0, the window draws fine but the drawing is too slow. Any suggestions...??.

#if Optimize
// get the inval region and pass it down
    HRGN invalRegion = CreateRectRgn(0,0,0,0);  
    int retVal = ::GetClipRgn( myHDC,invalRegion);  
    Assert (retVal != -1);  
    if(retVal == 0)         
       return;     // nothing to draw.  
    else if(retVal == 1)        
       Draw(invalRegion); // a valid dirty region handle.   
       Draw(NULL); // this results in drawing calls to all views in the window.
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Have you tried using the rcPaint RECT from the PAINTSTRUCT? GetClipRgn's docs specifically say it does not refer to the clipping region created by BeginPaint, but only those explicitly selected in via SelectClipRgn.

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