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I have a html file and want to add it into cakephp App, I know that I can add css and image files into the Webroot folder, and rewrite the postfix of .html to .ctp, but how to use it in my cakephp app ,just like I can visit it just like http://localhost/users/login in IE?

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See the documentation for the Pages controller.

The home page you see after installation is generated using this controller.

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Let's assume your HTML file is called myfile.html.

Copy myfile.html to app/views/pages/myfile.ctp

You will now be able to view the page at http://localhost/pages/myfile

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You can place it directly in your app/webroot/ folder. It will be accessible at the URL http://localhost/filename.html.

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Yes, I can visit it , but In this html some place will show using elements by php just like app\views\layouts\admin_default.ctp , and how to do with it , thank you very much! –  jin Dec 8 '10 at 1:58
I think maybe using MVC , but How to do with it ? –  jin Dec 8 '10 at 2:08

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