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I am trying to create a simple rounded top to a rectangle. I was able to use the bezierCurveTo method to create the cap, but I had to play around with the control point's y values to get the correct height of the curve. If I have the width and I know the height that I want the curve to pass through is their a formula to find the control point's y values? the function I have right now is


-18 is what I had to set the y values to to get the curve to approximately pass through y = 0.

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Do you need to use the bezier curve and all its power, or would a simple circular arcTo give you what you need? – Phrogz Dec 8 '10 at 4:21
@Phrogz Technically no, but I like how the bezier curve is straighter on the sides leading into the straight section. As I mentioned I have something that works I just wondered what the formula would be if I had this problem again. – qw3n Dec 8 '10 at 21:37
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Yes, there is a simple answer for this constrained version of Bezier curves. Taking the definition of a cubic Bezier curve from wikipedia here, and solving for the mid point along the curve (t=0.5), the minimum value of y will be:

1/4 Ymax + 3/4 Ymin

(Ymax being the y value of the start and end points and Ymin being the y value of the two control points). Or, for the midpoint to be 0,

Ymin = -1/3 Ymax.

So, since you have Ymax = 55, Ymin has to be -1/3*55 = -18.333.. -- which is why 18 worked in your example.

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I'd almost forgotten about this question thanks for the answer. – qw3n Mar 18 '11 at 19:46

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