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What I want to do is be able to add a file to my folder which is under Subversion source control in my local computer and then commit it. no problem up to here. On the server I want to get the new file using Subversion but without having to do an 'Update' to whole folder (which may update a bunch of unrelated files).

You see, if I make a change to an existing file - I go to the server mark that file and do 'SVN Update' (using TortoiseSVN) but if I added a new file on my local computer I have no way of just getting it to the server without doing 'SVN Update' on the whole folder

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You can add a filename to the svn up command even if that file doesn't exist in the folder yet (as long as it exists in the repository):

svn up newFile.txt

Edit: Using TortoiseSVN I think you go to "check for modifications" then click "Check repository", then right click -> "update" on the new file.

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Great. both 'svn up' command and Your TortoiseSVN method worked perfectly –  adinas Jan 14 '09 at 14:46

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