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I'd like to update the (highest) revision number to a file inside a subversion repository after each commit.

I thought of a svn version keyword, but doesn't this only get updated if the specific file was changed?

i.e. I have a file version.php where i have the version/revision numbers, but only update anotherfile.php in my commit - this won't change the version/revision information version.php has.

Is a commit hook my only option? If yes, any examples?

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Sounds like you want some kind of $GlobalRev$ to get the global revision number into your files.

The appropriate tool you may want to look at would be svnversion

You can use it as post-commit hook or in your build/deployment process to create or modify a global version file.

Also see "Where's $GlobalRev$?" in this page

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The problem with this approach is that it's a client-side solution. What we really need is a server-side script... –  Gili Feb 17 '09 at 21:11
Sure, it depends on your deployment process. How do you proceed, some ant task maybe ? –  WiseTechi Feb 18 '09 at 9:49

We don't do this on commit, we do this as part of our deployment process. The deployment pulls the latest code (or a particular revision) along with the SVN revision number, puts the version in the relvent places (AssemblyInfo, PHP version file etc.) then deploys it to test/UAT/live/whatever.

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Hook scripts are the only option here. You have two options to accomplish that task: Either verify that the version.php is up-to-date in a pre-commit script, as suggested by the subversion handbook, or initiate another commit updating your version file in a post-commit script. You should not modify the commited files in hooks as pointed out by the handbook.

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Subversion uses a repository-wide revision numbering system (see the "Global Revision Numbers" sidebar here), so your file is already being bumped.

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unfortunately, the file revision ($Rev$, etc.) is only bumped when the file is committed. –  Alex Cohn Jun 12 '14 at 7:33

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