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Here is some example code in which we have a method that answers the questions "Can User X review Product Y?"

public namespace Domain
    public class User

        public bool CanWriteReview(Product product)
             return this.IsApproved
                 && !Kernel.Get<ReviewRepository>().UserHasReviewed(product)
                 && !Kernel.Get<SellerAccountRepository>().UserHasSellerAccount(this);

I don't like having this method in a Domain POCO because it has too many dependencies that can't be injected and must be retrieved directly from the kernel instead. Where would you put this type of logic?

I find that the domain events pattern is a useful means of taking service-like logic that depends on Domain state changes, out of the Domain. Is there a similar pattern for the sort of methods above?

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The Specification Pattern is a good candidate for this kind of thing.

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