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Does JVM manage any special attribute for singleton object? How can I identify that in my program?

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No. There would be just a single instance of that particular class in the heap. But again, it doesn't necessarily means that that class is a singleton. It can be a normal class just instantiated once.

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singleton object... is there any such thing? I know there is a singleton class which will make sure there is only one instance of that class ever created..(even after taking reflection, serialization-serialization in to consideration) I hope you meant singleton class's object, I think you cannot consider an object as a singleton object just because you didnot find any other object of the same class?

Coming back to your original question: I heard from an interviewer that (I couldn't verify this), JVM knows when you declare a class as singleton. And that's why you are not getting ConcurrentModificationException even if multiple threads access your singleton object (and you are not doing thread-safe coding).. think about your "Service" object

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