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Does anyone have a good explanation of what the different meaning of the CLS, DLL, and VBP files in a VB project are?

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It's informative to open the .vbp/.frm/.bas etc files with notepad. – jjb Dec 9 '10 at 1:33
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  • CLS file is a class file containing the source code for one class.
  • VBP file is a project file. You open a VBP in the VB6 IDE to browse or edit the code for that project.
  • Projects can also be included in groups (VBG files), roughly equivalent to what .Net calls solutions.
  • DLL file is a compiled executable library built from your VB6 source code. See Wikipedia

The VB6 manual explains many of the file extensions, including CLS and VBP.

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In pre .Net days .cls files were where your class modules lived. Dll's stand for Dynamic Link Libraries and is a compiled assembly. VBP stands for Visual Basic Project and is the master file for the whole project.

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cls - class file
dll -  Dynamic Link Libraries/Assembly
vbp - Visual Basic Project

Have a look at Visual Basic File Types

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