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I have a Ruby on Rails application that allows for users to create a Box (gym) and then create Workouts so that users can see what they will be doing that day.

Box has_many :workouts
Workout belongs_to :box

I have given the user the ability to edit the workout.created_at field and allow them to enter workouts for future dates. On the /view/boxes/show.html.erb page, I only want to display Workouts that are for the present date and in the past. So essentially I want to list all workouts by created_at DESC but I don't want future Workouts. Is there a way to do this in the controller action?

@workouts = @box.workouts.all(:order => "created_at DESC")

If not, what is the best way to do this?

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You should just be able to add in the additional conditions to only return the 'past' records:

@workouts = @box.workouts.all(:order => "created_at DESC", :conditions => ["created_at <= ?",])

That should show all workouts for a given box, but only those that were created today or in the past.

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