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I'm integrating open source c program with Java program.

I'd tried to use JNI but it was not appropriate way from what I want to do.

The usage of c program is same as below.

program_name argument1 [-a maxSize] [-o maxSizeO] ...... [-P] \
             in.txt in1.dat in2.dat in1.tmp in2.tmp out.txt

I could run this program using ProcessBuilder class like this way.

ProcessBuilder pb = new ProcessBuilder("program_name", 
                                      "-a", maxSize, 
                                      "-o", maxSizeO........., 
                                      int2.tmp, out.txt);
Process p = pb.start();

But There are lots of optional arguments, so it looks like a wrong way to maintain my Java program.

Is there any idea to solve this problem in good way of software design?

Thanks in advance.

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ProcessBuilder is exactly what you need. I have just written some code skeleton for you. Take it and modify according to your needs.

public Process exec(        
        String programName,
        Integer maxSize,
        Integer maxSizeO,
        String[] inFiles,
        String outFile) throws IOException {

    ProcessBuilder pb = new ProcessBuilder();

    List<String> cmd = new ArrayList<String>();
    if (maxSize != null) {
        cmd.add("" + maxSize);
    if (maxSizeO != null) {
        cmd.add("" + maxSizeO);
    if (inFiles != null) {
    if (outFile != null) {

    Process p = pb.start();

    return p;
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I propose you first define an interface for you functionality. This interface defines methods to set the parameters (mandatory / optional) and to do the actual work. To start with, you then add an implementation which uses ProcessBuilder to do the work. This way you can transparently switch to another implementation if you have better solution.

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You might implement your own command line processor but its better to use open source command line parser.



Commons CLI:

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