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    Hi All,

    I am currently binding my data in a datagrid like this

       public DataTable GetAllPrimaryKeyTables(string localServer, string userName, string password, string selectedDatabase)

                // Create the datatable 
                DataTable dtListOfPrimaryKeyTables = new DataTable("tableNames");

                SqlConnectionStringBuilder objConnectionString = new SqlConnectionStringBuilder();
                objConnectionString.DataSource = localServer; ;
                objConnectionString.UserID = userName;
                objConnectionString.Password = password;
                objConnectionString.InitialCatalog = selectedDatabase;

                // Query to select primary key tables.
                string selectPrimaryKeyTables = @"SELECT 
                                                       CONSTRAINT_TYPE = 'PRIMARY KEY'
                                                       TABLE_NAME <> 'dtProperties'
                                                ORDER BY

                // put your SqlConnection and SqlCommand into using blocks! 
                using(SqlConnection sConnection = new SqlConnection(objConnectionString.ConnectionString))
                using(SqlCommand sCommand = new SqlCommand(selectPrimaryKeyTables, sConnection))
                        // Create the dataadapter object 
                        SqlDataAdapter sDataAdapter = new SqlDataAdapter(selectPrimaryKeyTables, sConnection);

                        // Fill the datatable - no need to open the connection, the SqlDataAdapter will do that all by itself  
                        // (and also close it again after it is done) 
                    catch(Exception ex)
                        //All the exceptions are handled and written in the EventLog. 
                        EventLog log = new EventLog("Application");
                        log.Source = "MFDBAnalyser";

                // return the data table to the caller 
                return dtListOfPrimaryKeyTables;


And then giving the datasource as this

   protected void GetPrimaryKeyTables()
            DataTable dtPrimaryKeys = new DataAccessMaster().GetAllPrimaryKeyTables(txtHost.Text, txtUsername.Text, txtPassword.Text, Convert.ToString(cmbDatabases.SelectedValue));
            dgResultView.DataSource = dtPrimaryKeys;

But now I need to bind the datatable to a richtextbox control available in the toolbox.

Waiting for reply!!!

How to do that??

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Please consider formatting your message correctly.Put the non-code outside of code blocks. Besides, don't just drop all your code "as is". Be specific and post only relevant parts to improve the questions's readability. –  Mehdi LAMRANI Dec 8 '10 at 9:48

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I don't think you can bind a dataTable to a RichTextBox "as is" because the structure of the two elements are intrinsically different. you can't "magically" bind a multi-element table to a single element string-containing element. IMHO you should extract the string from DB and put it into (or bind it as a string) your RichTextBox Control.

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