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Access/2007. SQL/Sever 2008/R2.

Linked table.

Table in SQL/Server has simple AFTER INSERT trigger that inserts records in another table.

Add new record in linked table via Access. While inserting, populate one field, then user changes his/her mind and clears that field, then save record. Causes #Deleted (yet does insert record and fires trigger correctly). Requery causes entire table/form to requery so user is moved to first record and I would have to reposition them which causes a lot of motion on the screen.

If I add the record but do not populate then clear a field, it works fine (no #deleted).

If I drop the trigger then this behavior does not occur in Access.

I have read a MS-post that indicates #deleted can be caused if there is an insert trigger on the table, but it does not say what to do about it.

Refresh has no effect, looping through each control and requerying each one also has no effect. I do not wish to use an unbound form in this case.

Is me.requery the only answer?

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I've had some #deleted issues with Access and a MySQL backend. Are you entering data in a continuous form? –  maxhugen Dec 10 '10 at 0:33
No. Datasheet. SQL/Server. ONLY happens when an insert trigger is in place. Disable the trigger, problem goes away. Had to use a very ugly workaround. No answers to this so far. –  pghcpa Dec 15 '10 at 6:50

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