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in my application when i click on exit button the application has to run in background or my hme screen must be visible how do i do this i am new to android i have no idea about it please some one help

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please post your question clearly. – Sunit Kumar Gupta Feb 4 '11 at 18:52

What you are looking for is an android service. Please read this introduction, and paticulary the part about the different kinds of application component.

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In order to have your application run in the background, you need to create a service. You can read a short tutorial here. Be advised that there are battery concerns for having an application run all the time, so only do it if you absolutely need to.

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You can use Service to handle the core logic of your app, and put a notification icon on the status bar. When the user check out the notification, you can display your UI and get logic data from your Service.

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