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I'm trying to sort an array which is a value in a hash. The following line of code:

sort @{ $hash{$item}{'lengths'} };

produces the following error:

Useless use of sort in void context at ...
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In Perl, sort does not modify the array; it returns a sorted list. You have to assign that list somewhere (either back into the original array, or somewhere else).

@{ $hash{$item}{'lengths'} } = sort @{ $hash{$item}{'lengths'} };

Or, (especially if the array is deep in a nested hash):

my $arrayref = $hash{$item}{'lengths'};
@$arrayref = sort @$arrayref;

Your original code was sorting the array, and then throwing away the sorted list, which is why it produces that warning.

Note: As salva pointed out, by default sort does a string comparison. You probably wanted a numeric sort, which you get by using sort { $a <=> $b } instead of just sort:

my $arrayref = $hash{$item}{'lengths'};
@$arrayref = sort { $a <=> $b } @$arrayref;

But that has nothing to do with the warning message you asked about.

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Perl's sort does not re-order the list "in-place". It actually makes a copy of the list and then sorts and returns . so do it as cjm suggested,

you can read the similar problem on this link (see the example part)

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Note also, that if you are sorting lenghts, you will have to use a numeric comparison:

my $lengths = $hash{$item}{'lengths'};
@$lengths = sort { $a <=> $b } @$lengths;
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I tried something like this

my %lrn_hash;

$lrn_hash{1} = 1;
@{$lrn_hash{1}{VALS}} = (6,7,1,5,7,9);

@narr = sort @{$lrn_hash{1}{VALS}};
print "@narr\n";

and it worked fine and the output was

1 5 6 7 7 9

Wich perl version u are using ?

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You didn't get a warning because you didn't use sort in void context. The warning is produced when you don't have the @narr = before the sort. –  cjm Dec 8 '10 at 8:12

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