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suppose you have two modules like

module Foo.A where

foo = 42


module Foo.B where

foo = 12

and you want to write a super module

module Foo (
      module Foo.A
    , module Foo.B
    ) where

import Foo.A
import Foo.B

which re-exports those modules, you would get a name clash.

Is there a solution for this?

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Basically, no. This has been a long-standing feature request by people like the authors of Gtk2hs. Gtk2hs has a very broad module hierarchy where it might make sense to both:

  • Use the same name in several different modules (e.g. newButton in both Graphics.UI.Gtk.Buttons.Button and Graphics.UI.Gtk.Buttons.CheckButton)
  • Provide the convenience to the user of importing all these modules with a single import statement

For now, if you want to reexport several modules together all you can do is:

  • Avoid reusing names in the modules you wish to reexport
  • Where appropriate, use type classes to allow the same name to be used for several different purposes
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The way modules work is arguably one of the weakest points in Haskell. They leave a great deal to be desired, this case being one example. –  C. A. McCann Dec 8 '10 at 15:33

Good question. The Haskell Report addresses this:

Exports lists are cumulative: the set of entities exported by an export list is the union of the entities exported by the individual items of the list.


The unqualified names of the entities exported by a module must all be distinct (within their respective namespace).

According to my limited Haskell knowledge I'd say it's not possible.

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Makes sense, thank you. –  LennyStackOverflow Dec 8 '10 at 8:48

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