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Hi All,

I'm designing a user control, briefly it contains an asp:hiddenfield control, i'm going to access it via JavaScript function like this

function doAnyThing
    var myVar = document.getElementById("myHiddenFiled");

but when I trace my code I found myVar assigned to null, does it matter


method is used in user control file (.ascx) or in regular (.aspx) file, taking into consideration it works in (.aspx) file correctly

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You had to set by ClientID the final id of your control, that will depend by the structure of your page. Try this:

function doAnyThing
    var myVar = document.getElementById("<%= yourControlServerID.ClientID %>");

Obviously this function need to be placed in the .aspx file. I suggest you to switch to use a framework like jQuery, that allows you to retrieve controls by more sofisticate selectors. This case will be solved by:


and you can place your javascript code even in an external .js file.

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Thanks tanathos. it worked for me. – Vijay Balkawade Jun 29 '10 at 8:25

to simplify you can use either:


$("<%= yourControlServerID.ClientID %>"). ....

ASP.NET JavaScript annotation:

var myVar = $get("<%= yourControlServerID.ClientID %>");

the ASP.NET JavaScript annotation code is the same as:

var myVar = document.getElementById("<%= yourControlServerID.ClientID %>")
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