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In lib\RT\CustomFieldValues\ there is the groups.pm file which is supposed to be an example of how to get data into a custom field, but how do I actually use that once I have written it? Does anyone have any documentation or a sample of this?

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I've done many custom fields in RT 3.6.3 -- what exactly are you trying to do? –  Joe Casadonte Jan 13 '09 at 21:27

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I have finally figured it out, to use the Groups.pm module you need to go to /opt/rt3/etc and edit the RT_SiteConfig.pm and add the line

Set(@CustomFieldValuesSources, "RT::CustomFieldValues::Groups");

Restart Apache and it will be available as a new field source.

I have written a blog post on doing this which also includes details on how to build your own module in case anyone is interested in doing this: AD Lookup Control in Request Tracker

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