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I'm reading the Spring 3.0 docs regarding scheduling. I'm leaning towards Spring's JobDetailBean for Quartz. However, the @Scheduled annotation has captured my eye. It appears this is another way of scheduling task using the Spring Framework. Based on the docs, Spring provides three way of scheduling:

  1. @Scheduled
  2. Via Quartz
  3. Via JDK Timer

I have no interest in the JDK Timer. Why should I choose @Scheduled over Quartz? (When I mention Quartz I mean using Spring's bean wrapper for Quartz).

Let's say my use case is complex enough that I will be communicating to a third-party web service to import and export data at specified intervals.

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Quartz is an order of magnitude more complex than Spring's built in scheduler, including support for persistent, transactional and distributed jobs. It's a bit of a pig, though, even with Spring's API support.

If all you need to is to execute methods on a bean every X seconds, or on a cron schedule, then @Scheduled (or the various options in Spring's <task> config schema) is probably enough

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"It's [Quartz] a bit of a pig" - it's 2 years later and I'm doing the same comparison as @chris. Is Quartz still difficult to use via Spring? –  Edward Feb 21 '13 at 16:13

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