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For an existing rails application, which is better? building integration tests through cucumber or through selenium

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The two tools serve two different purposes, so you can use them together.

Cucumber is a BDD framework which allows you to phrase scenarios in English then automate them by tying the steps - phrased as Given, When, Then - to matching steps in code.

Those steps can then be used to automate a scenario using the automation tool of your choice. Selenium is an automation tool for web pages, so you could use that if your application is web based.

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  > which is better?

seleinum focuses on testing existing aplictions. A selenium test is easier to create and may be more difficult to maintain if the gui changes or after renaming items.

cucumber is better for agile/testdriven projects where tests and expected behavior is defined before implementation. cucumber is great for describing new features, that may not exist yet. A customer can see how far the implementation has gone.


For testdriven/agile development cucumber is better.

For traditional waterfall-style development where tests are written after implementation selenium is better

since you have an existing aplication selenium is the answer to your question

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Which one do you know better? Choose that one.

If you don't have any idea, maybe browsing the cucumber site will be of some use? https://github.com/aslakhellesoy/cucumber/wiki/Setting-up-Selenium

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