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How can I export an entire database, with all its tables and data, into a importable file using Fluent NHibernate (or any other preferrable tool)?

Edit: To clarify; the exporting should be made programmatically.

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I would think this is a job for you and your particular DBMS. This isn't really an area that NHibernate is intended for as far as I know. If you need to do it programatically, then I would think scripting would be the way to go. What DBMS are you using?


In that case, look at tsql scripts such as this one, or maintenance plans.

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I'm using SQL Server 2008 –  Jim Carragher Dec 8 '10 at 10:44

Although I haven't tried this, it should/could work. There are numerous articles on the web about exporting a Gridview to Excel. Create and bind the Gridview to your NHibernate objects in the code-behind file. As I said there are loads of articles/examples on the web on how to export from the Gridview.

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