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i like to have line numbers ON in Vim but sometimes line numbers are annoying. I have shortcuts set in .vimrc:

map <c-F12> :set nonumber<ENTER>
map <c-F11> :set number<ENTER>

for turning them off/on.

Is it possible to connect both tasks (turning off/on) under one key? I mean, when line numbers are ON shortcut should turn OFF them and turn ON when line numbers are OFF.

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From Vim help, you can use the following syntax :

:se[t] {option}! or
:se[t] inv{option} Toggle option: Invert value. {not in Vi}

See :help set-option

In your case, you could use: map <c-F11> :set number!<ENTER>

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Hey, it works thanks! I changed it to: nmap <c-F12> :set number!<ENTER> –  jotbek Dec 8 '10 at 12:15

In case you want also change between the relative line number, the line number, and no number you can use something like the following:

let g:relativenumber = 0
function! ToogleRelativeNumber()
  if g:relativenumber == 0
    let g:relativenumber = 1
    set norelativenumber
    set number
  elseif g:relativenumber == 1
    let g:relativenumber = 2
    set nonumber
    set relativenumber
    let g:relativenumber = 0
    set nonumber
    set norelativenumber

map <c-f11> :call ToogleRelativeNumber()<cr>
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nice :) i will add this to config file as well... –  jotbek Dec 9 '10 at 9:35
From Super User :) nmap <c-f11> :exec &nu==&rnu? "se nu!" : "se rnu!"<CR> –  user2571881 Oct 1 '11 at 0:03
Update: 'number' and 'relativenumber' have changed in Vim 7.3.1115. You can find an updated answer at superuser.com/a/604625. –  glts Jun 6 '13 at 19:16

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