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I'm trying to create a workflow using a ActivityBuilder, and then get the XAML. This flow use a custom activity (WaitForInput) to handle bookmarks. This class inherits from NativeActivity.

I'm having a hard time finding a way to set 'Result' property of my WaitForInput activity, which expects a OutArgument.

Creating this same workflow by the VS designer, I could associate the boolean property 'MyResult' InOutArgument called 'wrapper'. Like this : [Wrapper.MyResult]

I would do this by code, and according to my research, I have to use DynamicActivityProperty. The problem is that I don't know how to use my DynamicActivityProperty as OutArgument in this case.

This is an simplified version of the code:

        var wrapper = new DynamicActivityProperty
                        Name = "Wrapper",
                        Type = typeof(InOutArgument<CommunicationWrapper>),

        var activityBuilder = new ActivityBuilder();

        var step1 = new FlowStep
            //here's my problem
            Action = new WaitForInput<bool> { BookmarkName = "step1", Result = ??? }

        var flow =  new Flowchart
            StartNode = step1,
            Nodes = { step1 }
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I have founded a solution to my own problem

Result = new OutArgument<bool>(new VisualBasicReference<bool> 
                { ExpressionText = "Wrapper.MyResult" }); }
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