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Creating JQGRID object i put hiddengrid:true. Now, to expand grid i need to press special button on the right I want it to expand automatically during update

something like this:

function updateTable(value,date_in,date_out) {
  $('#le_table1').jqGrid('setGridParam', {gridstate: "visible"}).trigger("reloadGrid");

but is not work..

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You can do following


to simulate the click on the small button from the right side of the grid title which expand/collapse the grid (see this answer for details and some demo examples).

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you can use method setGridState:

  • $("#grid_id").jqGrid('setGridState', 'visible');
  • $("#grid_id").jqGrid('setGridState', 'hidden');
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thank you buddy. grid.cDiv).click(); was very buggy... I did not find this way setting gridstate any where. thank you verymuch. –  Vishnudev K Oct 17 '13 at 16:13
This answer reverses the effect of setting 'hiddengrid: true' in your grid declaration. Just what I was looking for. –  Chris Mar 16 at 16:55

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