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I wonder if it's possible to send multiple variables at once to the server? For example:

$client->AddTheseValues($a, $b, $c);

The server/MySQL would then add those values into the database:

public function AddTheseValues($a, $b, $c) {

$this->sql = "INSERT INTO `records` (`a`,`b`,`c`) VALUES

$result = mysql_query($this->sql);


The above procedure doesn't seem to work with me; I'm only able to send ONE variable at time. When I send more than one, the database won't get updated and weirdly I get no error messages.

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You can pass an array.

$responses = array();
$responses[] = array("QuestionAnswerID" => someint, "QuestionID" => someint);
$responses[] = array("QuestionAnswerID" => someint, "QuestionID" => someint);

$response = array("Response" => $responses);

$soapData = array("Responses" => $response);

Source of the code above Passing a PHP array in a SOAP call

I hope this helps.

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Thanks, you're guiding me to the right direction... But how about if I want to add variables inside an array? I read that it isn't possible in PHP5. –  Veikko Dec 8 '10 at 14:33

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