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Is there a way to execute multiple queries in a single solr request and get the union of results as response

my simplified schema would look like a name field and a type field(4-5 different types) and I want 10 results per type value. can this be done in solr?

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Not possible to perform several requests and federate the results client-side? –  Karl Johansson Dec 8 '10 at 13:45

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Currently not possible, Look at this request, possibly when this fix is in place


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I think this can be done w/ Field Collapsing


Their example is similar except instead of types they are splitting the price into ranges:

We can find the top documents that also match arbitrary queries with the group.query command (much like facet.query). For example, we could use this to find the top 3 documents with in different price ranges:


In your case group.limit=10.

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