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I have added a button to a tab panel in the center region by calling

var add = tabSelection.addButton({
  id            : 'add',
  text          : 'Add',
  hidden        : true,
  tooltip       : 'Please highlight the correct value and click Add to create new contact',
  handler       : addContact

There are two radio buttons in the west region in an accordion layout, labeled 'internal' and 'external'. I want the tool tip to be changed dynamically by capturing the radio button click.

I am able to capture the radio button click and when I set the tooltip of the button accordingly, add.setToolTip('Please highlight the correct value and click Add to create new internalcontact'); if internal client is clicked. add.setToolTip('Please highlight the correct value and click Add to create new external contact'); when external is clicked.

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Could you reword this or provide more information? It is difficult to determine whether you are even asking a question here. – owlness Dec 9 '10 at 7:55

You need to initialise tooltips for it to work:


And use qtip instead of tooltip.

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If you're using QuickTips all over an application, what file would you put this in? – Merchako Apr 18 at 18:57
Why Ext.QuickTips.init(); and not Ext.tip.QuickTipManager.init();? – Merchako Apr 20 at 14:52
The answer was posted over 5 years ago for ExtJS3, the latest version is ExtJS6. I don't use ExtJS anymore. – Jan Vladimir Mostert Apr 20 at 15:27
Please tell my employer that. – Merchako Apr 20 at 17:16

Also worked for me (on ExtJS 4.1):

Ext.getCmp('buttonId').setTooltip('Tooltip you want to insert');
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Another solution without using id, for e.g. with a button tooltip:

 var prev_button = new Ext.button.Button({
            cls: 'prevButton',
            listeners: {
                mouseover: function(btn) {
                    btn.setTooltip('1 ' + granularity.getValue()
                                   + ' ' + _('before'));
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