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I have a table which I am loading data into from a server side PHP script which returns the table as JSON for jQuery dataTables to render. I am then using the jQuery tableDnD plugin to allow drag and drop re-ordering of tables, this requires that the rows of the table contain the id matching the table row in the database ie <tr id="1">

I am wondering how I can achieve this using dataTables as it doesn't allow me to specify this.

My current thinking is to use a callback on the data maybe, that or rewrite tableDnD to read the id value from an index column, does anyone have any ideas regarding this?

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The call back proved to be the answer,

    $('#dataTable').dataTable( {
        "aoColumns" : [
            { sWidth:'40px' },
            { sWidth:'40px',sClass:'position' },
            { sWidth:'3px',sClass:'handle' }
        "fnRowCallback": function( nRow, aData, iDisplayIndex ) {
            return nRow;

using the fnRowCallback I was able to add the attribute id to the table row and then load it with the id which was the first element of data returned aData[0]

I found I can use the "aoColumns" to load both width and the classes 'position', and 'handle' needed for my jQuery tableDnD.

I guess I should read the manual a bit more next time!

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You should accept your own answer, perhaps it will help other people in the future. – davidkonrad Nov 12 '14 at 12:18

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