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I got this problem during generating the doxygen document:

Problems running dot: exit code=127, command='dot', arguments='"/home/AAA/src/html/ABC_8hpp__incl.dot" -Tpng -o "/home/AAA/src/html/ABC_8hpp__incl.png" -Tcmapx -o "/home/AAA/src/html/ABC_8hpp__incl.map"'
sh: dot: not found

Gave the output is like this for the constructor:

  namespace applicationTest

Has anyone had this problem before? please advise! Thanks!

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Do you have dot installed on the machine? Do you want to use it to generate the graphs?

If not, set the HAVE_DOT option to "no".

If yes, make sure dot is in the path, or set its location with the DOT_PATH option.

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Hi, I set both HAVE_DOT and DOT_PATH to no but it does not work... Thanks –  olidev Dec 10 '10 at 9:09
including it in your environment variables ( PATH:=..... ) and then leave it blank in the config file is what Eric meant. I noticed that on some machines the bash and sh: commands fail regardless of what you put in the config file. –  Tom Nov 9 '12 at 2:02

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