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I'm using v0.9 of the official MongoDB driver and i'm trying to read in a collection. I have a field in the database that I don't want to read into my object but I get the following error.

"Unexpected element: Network"

The collection looks like this in the database

 - _id
 - Name
 - Description
 - Url
 - Network

When I read it into C# I want to create an object called Merchant that has all of the same properties, except "Network". How do I do this?

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Some code would be nice. –  Jonas Elfström Dec 8 '10 at 16:10

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There's an "IgnoreExtraElements" option on the BSON serializer which you can enable to prevent that error.

Either set it as an attribute on your Merchant class:

public Merchant {
    // fields and properties

or in code if you're using class maps:

BsonClassMap.RegisterClassMap<Merchant>(cm => {
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Is there a way to ignore extra elements on all entities without having to specify it for each entity separately? –  Jos Sep 17 at 12:36
I found the solution for my own question in stackoverflow: stackoverflow.com/questions/12944520/… –  Jos Sep 17 at 12:38

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