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Is there some way to store a UISegmentedControl value into NSUserDefaults? Should I use it like the integer value in NSUserDefaults?

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You'd simply use the selectedSegmentIndex: method of the UISegmentedControl and then use the setInteger:forKey: method within NSUserDefaults. The reason for this (as you seem to be hinting at in your question) is that the selectedSegmentIndex method returns an NSInteger. (Its full method signature is: @property(nonatomic) NSInteger selectedSegmentIndex)

When you reload your app, you'd then set the corresponding segment to active (once again via selectedSegmentIndex).

However, unless you're setting a default (via Interface Builder, or programatically), you should check the returned selectedSegmentIndex integer against the UISegmentedControlNoSegment constant to make sure you're not attempting to store what is effectively "no selection".

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thank's, implemented in this way and works clean:d – zebra Dec 8 '10 at 18:37

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