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I have this:

    [carx] => Array
            [no] => 63


    [cary] => Array
           [no] => 64


How can I find the key carx when i have the no=63 ? i know how to use array_search() but this one is a bit tricky. Like i can find key name id while I have 63 But this one is a bit tricky.

can someone help me ?

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foreach ($array as $i => $v) $array[$i] = $v['no'];
$key = array_search(63, $array);
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So you don't you your id key for the first level, so loop through and when you find a match stop looping and break out of the foreach

$id = 0;
$needle = 63;
foreach($array as $i => $v)
    if ($v['no'] == $needle)
        $id = $i;
        break 1;
// do what like with any other nested parts now

Then you could use that key to get the whole nested array.

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