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Description of program:

  1. Submit HTTP request ALPHA via AJAX.
  2. Response ALPHA will set a cookie using HTTP-set cookie
  3. Submit ajax request BETA when request ALPHA returns
  4. Parse response from request BETA into DOM elements, etc...

Request ALPHA examines POST vars and responds with an HTTP setcookie accordingly Request BETA examines the POST vars and the cookies involved in the HTTP request


If there is no delay after step-2, the browser does not take the setcookie into whatever storage mechanism for the next request.

This happens in Firefox and IE 6/7/8.

Attempted resolutions:

I am using jQuery, and have configured the .ajax({async: false}) for all combinations of true/false for this, meaning the requests are not sent asynchronous and should be dealt with in sequence.

I can prove the lack of delay is preventing something by adding either of these:

  • 'alert("anything")'
  • A DO loop that ends n seconds after it's start.

What I want to do:

I don't want a loop that counts for n seconds or an alert box. I want to fix this correctly, and reliably across browsers.


//Request ALPHA $.ajax({ async: false, type: "POST", url: "./somestuff/", data: { "Key": "value" } });

//alert("Now it works");


Inside the request BETA... Anything delay that comes before the first $.(ajax) request will fix it...

$.ajax({ async: false, url: o.pipes.get.url, data: { act :o.pipes.get.act, feat:o.pipes.get.feat } ..... Code for success action ...

Due diligence

Yes, I looked at the HTTP response headers in firebug, as well as console logging from document.cookie. Without the delay, the cookies do not get applied to the document.cookie or the mechanism that submits HTTP requests. This happens in Firefox and IE 6/7/8

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I too have experienced this issue and no I haven't yet found a satisfactory solution either. –  Dan Iveson Dec 8 '10 at 16:22
I can nest the BETA within the success of $.ajax() ALPHA and it works, I don't know if that helps your situation at all. –  Incognito Dec 8 '10 at 16:25
I'll bear that in mind next time I visit that particualr piece of work. –  Dan Iveson Dec 8 '10 at 16:35

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