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It's there a way to retrieve cookie value in ASHX Handler ?

I set a cookie in a page, and I want to retrieve it in my ashx. My cookie is always null.

I save my cookie like this

HttpCookie tokenCookie = new HttpCookie(cookieName);
 tokenCookie.Values["siteGuid"] = authenticationInfo.SiteGuid.ToString();

I retrieve my cookie like this

 HttpCookie cookie = HttpContext.Current.Request.Cookies[cookieName];
 return new Guid(cookie["siteGuid"]);

Ok sorry that was my fault. My handler was on a sub domain.

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If you want to access the cookies across the sub-domain. You might need to assign the domain name for the cookies>

Response.Cookies["domain"].Domain = ".somedomain.com";

Don't miss the .(Dot) before the domain name.

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You can access the cookies collection on the Request object.

It would look something like the following

HttpCookie cookie = HttpContext.Current.Request.Cookies["cookieName"];
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Write a cookie:


Read a cookie:

var cookie = (HttpCookie)HttpContext.Current.Request.Cookies["UserName"];
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