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I've created an application, which is used to loop through the emails in an inbox and find all the undeliverable, mailbox full or delayed emails and generate a report.

The usual routine is to loop through all the emails in the inbox (up to a specified date).

If an email is undeliverable use regex to find the email. This works 95% of the time as this information is contained in the body of the Undelivered message (ReportItem).

So, my problem is I have a few emails which are returning blank emails to the report making it nigh on impossible to clean them or easily report that we have a problem with someone's email.

I have found that the information in the Internet Headers has who the mail was intended for, but cannot find anything on if it is possible to use an interop or some other object to obtain this information.

If anyone else has come across this problem and knows of a work around I would be very grateful.


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looks like what I want isnt part of the ReportItem properties.

The possible options are Extended IMAPI, CDO or Redemption


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