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i have a windows application in c# , in the form i have 12 labels with the names

label1, label2 , ...............

i have array of 12 numbers (after some calculate)

like :

int[] nums = new int[12] {1, 0, 4, 6,.............};

i want to assign in loop to every label item a value from the array Respectively

something like

 for (int i = 1; i <= 12; i++) {
     label+i.Text = nums[i-1].ToString();

what is the efficient way to do this ?


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Create a corresponding array of labels:

Label[] labels = new Label[12] { label1, label2, ... };

for(int i = 0; i < 12; i++)
    labels[i].Text = nums[i].ToString();
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If all of the labels belong to the same control (a Panel for instance), you can use the find control to perform this assignment:

for(int i = 0;i < 12; i++)
    Label lbl = myPanel.FindControl("Label" + i.ToString());
    lbl.Text = nums[i].ToString();
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Bryan's solution is more efficient. –  Amy Dec 8 '10 at 19:15
@yodaj007 - Efficient for cycles but not for storage space. In either case, we're talking about trivial resource difference so it becomes more a matter of code style. Both achieve the same result ultimately. –  Joel Etherton Dec 8 '10 at 19:18

You can use the FindControl method to locate a control based on the name:

for (int i = 0; i < nums.Length; i++) {
  (Form.FindControl("label" + i.ToString()) as Label).Text = nums[i].ToString();
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